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Komorowski oraz PO obiecują – już historia ale jaka?

Posted by Dzieckonmp w dniu 11 kwietnia 2016

Niech dobra nowina się szerzy!


Komentarzy 14 to “Komorowski oraz PO obiecują – już historia ale jaka?”

  1. Dzieckonmp said

    Wysyłamy listy do posłów w Parlamencie Europejskim!

    W środę 13 kwietnia 2016 planowane jest głosowanie w Parlamencie Europejskim nad rezolucją w sprawie Polski.

    Z tej okazji proponuję akcję zapchania skrzynek pocztowych europosłów listami z Polski!

    Aby się przyłączyć wyślij e-mail do WSZYSTKICH europosłów.
    Listę adresów znajdziesz tutaj:

    Najlepiej wiadomość wysyłać z konta e-mail na Gmailu. Listę wszystkich europosłów trzeba rozbić na dwie części, ponieważ na Gmailu jedną wiadomość można zaadresować maksymalnie do 500 osób. W przypadku innych kont pocztowych dopuszczalna liczba adresatów jest mniejsza, więc wiadomość trzeba by wysłać więcej niż 2 razy.

    Poniżej treść wiadomości do europosłów:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am writing to express my strong disapproval for the plans of the European Parliament concerning Poland. Namely, I strongly disapprove of the plan to pass in the European Parliament a resolution about the Constitutional Court in Poland. I insist on refraining from interfering into Polish internal affairs because currently there is no danger whatsoever for the democracy in Poland nor for any human and civil rights. Therefore, I find the plan to vote for a resolution about Poland in the European Parliament on 13th April as something absolutely inadequate which should not take place and as a Polish citizen I ask to resign from this idea. I believe if, hypothetically, such a resolution was passed it would lead to consequences much more dangerous than the current situation in the Constitutional Court. Therefore, passing such a resolution will not help solve the situation around the Constitutional Court but it will cause more serious problems.

    First, I want to make it clear that I am not a member of any political party. I am just a regular Polish citizen and I think that in order to understand the current situation in Poland one needs to pay attention to what average people are saying. It is obvious to me that member of the Civic Platform (PO) and people connected to this party feel deeply disappointed after the two elections in 2015, because they lost the power and multiple privileges. Therefore, the point of view they present is very biased and does not reflect the opinions of Polish citizens in general. Thus, I am writing this letter to give you a chance to read an opinion of a regular Polish citizen. I hope you shall read this letter till the end before the voting for a resolution concerning Poland.

    For 8 years, between 2007-2015, one center-liberal coalition of the Civic Platform (PO) and the Polish People’s Party (PSL) was governing Poland. Also for 5 years, between 2010 and 2015, Mr. Bronisław Komorowski, who used to be a prominent member of the Civic Platform, was the President of Poland. This situation changed very much in 2015 due to the two elections which took place in Poland. In May 2015 Polish people elected Mr. Andrzej Duda to be the new President of Poland. Mr. Bronisław Komorowski lost this election because most of Polish people thought that his activity as the President was not sufficient and he had not done much for Poland. Mr. Andrzej Duda became new President also because he had promised to introduce many changes which appeared attractive for many people (like decreasing the retirement age, child benefit or higher tax-free income). Mr. Andrzej Duda won the presidential election in spite of a massive hate campaign which carried out against him liberal media (for instance polish edition of Newsweek). On 25 October 2015 in Poland there was the parliamentary election, which also brought a change of power. The Law and Justice Party (PiS), which was in opposition for 8 years, won the general election and got more than 50% of seats in the Parliament (235 out of 460). It means that for the first time after 1989 there was no need to create a coalition. No party has ever achieved such a political success as the Law and Justice Party. Without the need to create a coalition the Law and Justice Party could quickly constitute the government and start to introduce the reforms. On 13 November 2015 Mrs. Beata Szydło was nominated by the President to be the Prime Minister of Poland. Later on 18 November 2015 the Parliament expressed the vote of confidence for Mrs. Beata Szydło’s government. Since that day the new government has been changing people working in ministries and other institutions which depend on government. Apparently, for many people it was a big shock, because after a couple of years they were sacked from lucrative jobs.

    In order to understand the fuss about the Constitutional Court in Poland one needs to first learn about the beginning of the whole issue. It did NOT started in December 2015 when the Law and Justice Party introduced its new bill, but it started in June 2015 when the Civic Platform at the end of its governance along with the ex-president Bronisław Komorowski changed significantly the law concerning the Constitutional Court. The law was proposed by Bronisław Komorowski and then it was accepted by the Parliament, because the members of the coalition PO-PSL voted for it. This new regulation not only changed significantly they procedure of selecting members of the Constitutional Court, but it also allowed the previous Parliament to replace 5 members of the Constitutional Court even though the tenure of two judges would expire in December 2015. The law made by ex-president Bronisław Komorowski and passed by the Parliament by was widely criticized by many journalists. Even pro-liberal newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza” published an article with very negative comments concerning the changes in the Constitutional Court. The article is still available online:,75968,18251790,Koalicja_PO_PSL_zrobila… It is in Polish, but there is one sentence I would like to translate for you. The author writes: “Smutne, że tylko PiS i okolice głosowały za większą demokratyzacją wyboru sędziów.” In English it can be translated as: “It is sad that only the Law and Justice Party wanted to make the procedure of electing judges to Constitutional Court more democratic.” Only the Law and Justice Party protested in June 2015 when the Civic Platform introduced those changes! Fortunately, the five judges nominated by the previous Parliament to be members of the Constitutional Court were not sworn by the current President Andrzej Duda, who considered the election of those judges as illegal. If the President had accepted those 5 judges as members of the Constitutional Court, now, out of 15 members, 14 would be elected by the Civic Platform. Would that be democratic and pluralistic in any way?

    The current Parliament invalidated the nomination of 5 members of the Constitutional Court by the previous Parliament. In December the Law and Justice Party proposed a new bill regulating the Constitutional Court. The bill was accepted by the Parliament and allowed it to select 5 judges instead of those five elected by the previous Parliament. But still the majority of judges (9 out of 15) have been elected by the current opposition. Some parts of the law passed in December 2015 has been considered as unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court. The new version of this law has been accepted by the Parliament and, moreover, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Witold Waszczykowski, asked the Venice Commission for their opinion about this issue. The Venice Commision prepared an opinion at the beginning of the March 2016. Currently a parliamentary committee of specialists is working on implementing the opinion into Polish legal systems. When they finish the task, they shall submit to the Parliament a proposal of a new bill regulating the Constitutional Court. I see that the things with the Constitutional Court are going in a good direction and I do not see any reason that would explain the interfering into Polish internal matters.

    Currently western media publish articles which announce “the end of democracy in Poland”. The truth is that such articles are quite often written by Polish journalists who sympathize with the previous government and then they send those articles to foreign newspapers in order to “make some noise” about Poland. I personally believe that the people who complain so much about the current government are simply disappointed by the result of the general election. When the Civic Platform lost power, many people connected to them lost very lucrative jobs. No wonder that now they protest so much and they would like the Civic Platform to return to power. After 8 years of dominance of the Civic Platform some people just cannot accept the change.

    Poland is a stable, democratic member state of the European Union, respecting European values, while shaping its internal legal order in a sovereign manner, in accordance with the democratically expressed will of its people.

    It is necessary to mention that the percentage of the Polish people who support the Law and Justice party has NOT decreased in spite of all the criticism from European institutions, European politicians (such as Guy Verhofstadt, Martin Schulz and Jean-Claude Juncker) and foreign media (especially German). The Law and Justice party is supported by 38% of the Polish adult citizens according to the latest study carried out by the Centre for Public Opinion Research (in Polish CBOS – Centrum Badań Opinii Społecznej) between 31st March and 7th Aprli 2016. This result means the percentage of the people who support the Law and Justice party has not changed much since the election in October 2015 (at the election the Law and Justice got 37,58%). It is clear to me that the Polish people stick to their decision made at election and they do NOT share the view that the democracy in Poland is in danger or that the current politics is a dictatorship. At the election in October 2015 Polish people gave complete power to the Law and Justice party because we hope that this party can introduce positive changes in Poland. This party has already started to reform Poland – the main success is the “500+” program which allows families to get relatively high child benefits. It will improve the living conditions for families and it will also encourage young people to have more children. Large percentage of the Polish people see that the Law and Justice Party is fulfilling the promises they made during the campaign and, therefore, the support for this party has even increased since the election. Naturally, we are aware that the problem around the Constitutional Court is a negative situation and should be sorted out as soon as possible. However, we do not think it is adequate for the European Parliament to interfere into this matter. I strongly believe that European Union should consist of sovereign countries and free nations.

    In the research mentioned in the previous paragraph the Civic Platform, whose politicians go regularly on a pilgrimage to Brussels to beg European politicians for support, obtained only 13%. To me it is obvious that Polish people have a very negative opinion about the European activity of the Civic Platform politicians and, therefore, the support for this party has dropped significantly – from 24,09% at the election to only 13% according to the study.

    I am afraid that if the European Parliament keeps interfering into Polish internal affairs the people who support the Law and Justice party may turn away from the European Union. I mean in the past Polish citizens were in general very euro-enthusiastic, but due to the fact that in case of Poland European institutions and European politicians (especially Guy Verhofstadt) let themselves for too much, some percentage of Polish citizens is getting more euro-sceptical. If the European Parliament passes a resolution about a Poland, it is only a matter of time when a group a euro-sceptical activists will initiate a referendum about Poland leaving the European Union. According to Polish law a group of people need to form a committee and then they have to collect 500 000 signatures. If the signatures are collected then the Parliament makes a decision whether the referendum will take place or not. In the past it has happened several times that some issue was so important for a group of people that they managed to collect the required number is signatures. I think that the interfering into Polish internal affairs may encourage some people to support the idea of a referendum about quitting or staying in the EU. Currently “Brexit” is an important issue for the future of EU. Soon we may have to face the problem of Poland wanting to leave the European Union, which will be a more dangerous problem that the current situation around the Constitutional Court in Poland.

    I hope there will be successful cooperation between Poland and European institutions if the EU refrains from interfering into Polish internal affairs. As a Polish citizen I do not see currently in Poland any threat for democracy, freedom of speech or human rights. However, there is a number of people (mainly politicians from current opposition) who want to fire up the conflict between Poland and EU. They go on a pilgrimages to Brussels to look for support and they may even want to overthrow the current government with the help European institutions. The main problem with opposition in Poland is that they have nothing to offer Polish citizens apart from criticism and hatred for the Law and Justice party. Of course everyone in Poland is allowed to criticize and protest, but some politicians from opposition present a very rebellious attitude and I believe that their opinion will not be taken under consideration by members of the European Parliament.

    Please take my comments into consideration. The Polish people elected in 2015 a conservative President and a conservative government. Please, respect our decision and let our country be conservative even if you personally have different political views.

    Thank you for reading my letter.

    Yours faithfully

  2. Dzieckonmp said

    Podpisz petycję do parlamentu Europejskiego

  3. Dzieckonmp said

    Stałem w tym tłumie i widziałem jak dorosłym chłopom łzy leciały jak grochy. Na koniec brawa większe niż dostał ktokolwiek tego dnia.

    spiewa Marysia Stasiak na 6 rocznicy tragedii smoleńskiej

    • apostolat said

      Marsz z portretami Ofiar Tragedii Smoleńskiej, organizator marszu: Solidarni2010, utwór „Katyń 2010 – przerwany lot orłów” wykonuje Marysia Stasiak, tekst: Andrzej Janeczko, muzyka: Ryszard Pomorski

      Katyń 2010 – Andrzej Janeczko, wiersz napisany 12 kwietnia 2010

      Nie chciałem o was śpiewać, nie chciałem wam pisać wierszy.
      Lecz śmierć przecięła ten lot: w dzienniku lot numer sto pierwszy.
      I przyszła ta czarna wiadomość:”Lot orłów przerwany we mgle!”
      A dalej już tak nierealnie. To skrzydło…Jakby we śnie.
      Zamknięci w powietrznej łodzi, jak ptaki, w niebieskiej toni
      Lecieli do nieba dwoma rzędami, nasi biało-czerwoni.
      Frunęli nad tą ziemią, która krwawi jak rana w głowie,
      Bo w jej głębi, na wiecznej warcie, stoją polscy synowie.
      „Teraz , pół wieku później! Rano z okazji święta
      Polska przysyła wam chłopcy, Wspaniałe Polskie Orlęta!”
      I na pewno, tam w górze, gdzie wszystko co polskie – święte
      Spotkacie się na apelu z Nimi i naszym Prezydentem.
      Choć nie zginęła dziś Polska, bo Polska nigdy nie zginie…
      To skrawki serc i ducha – poległy w rosyjskiej gęstwinie.
      I jak ten zepsuty zegar, czas nam przystanął skrycie,
      I jak husaria, skrzydłami świecą, na Krakowskim
      Przedmieściu znicze!
      Ojczyzna dziś po was płacze! Gra dla was Chopin walce!
      Mokre są moje oczy i myśli, zimne są wasze palce.
      I zapamiętają na wieki – przyszłe – to wiem – pokolenia,
      Że w czarnych skrzynkach Katynia zamknęły sie polskie
      I zapamięta na wieki – przyszłość – dla sensu polskiego
      Że w czarnych skrzynkach Katynia zniknęły dwa pokolenia.

    • Eliza said

      Admin ja stałam obok sceny po prawej stronie przy samych barierkach. Marysia śpiewała przepięknie, zresztą nie tylko ona. Ten pan (zapomniałam nazwiska), który grał na gitarze a przybył z Ameryki też śpiewał pięknie i donośnym głosem. Niesamowite było przeżycie tych uroczystości. Kto raz tam pojedzie będzie już jeździł zawsze…….. A tak na marginesie powiem wam dla porównania ile było autobusów z naszego niewielkiego miasta a ile z Poznania. Od nas jechały dwa duże autokary około 100 osób, z Poznania całe pięć sztuk czyli mniej więcej 500 osób.

      • Dzieckonmp said

        Niesamowite było przeżycie tych uroczystości. Kto raz tam pojedzie będzie już jeździł zawsze

        Zgadzam się z tym. To jest piękne wewnętrzne przeżycie. Tak jak Izrael wozi młodzież aby pokazywać obozy tak każdy Polak powinien przyjśc choć raz w życiu na taką manifestację aby zrozumieć co to znaczy Ojczyzna Polska.

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